Bomb Defusing Robot Made in Narowal


Bomb Defusing RobotUniversity of Engineering Science and Technology’s students in Narowal have made a robot. The robot has been claimed to be a bomb defusing robot which not only can defuse explosive devices but also monitor a danger zone and shift the injured.

The final year students – Arqam Imran, Mubashar Ashraf, Subhan Ahmad and Ahmad Khan displayed the robot in their thesis project. Using the internet the robot has been enabled to be controlled and defuse an explosive device from a safe distance of 150 meters.

They told that the robot was also capable of moving explosive material from a place to another using a trolley without endangering any human life.

A tank-like belt used to move the robot makes it easier for it to operate smoothly on an uneven surface too.

Arqam Imran said that the earlier model of the robot which was prepared could only move on a straight road but the new one uses a tank track, to move on uneven surface also.

She further added that the robot had cameras and could assess loss of life and property with it.

The robot is fire-proof and can function immediately in an explosion struck place or under a terrorist attack to move the injured to a safer place.


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