The Eisenhower Fellow Award 2016 is won by the IT Pioneer of Pakistan


eisenhower fellow award 2016

The Interactive Group is big ICT Company of Pakistan whose CEO Dr. Shahid Mahmud has won the very Distinguished Eisenhower Fellow Award 2016 as a result of his 1500 strong contributions to the Eisenhower Fellow Global network (EF Network).

The fellowship started in 2011 where the chairman of the EF Board of Trustees namely Christine Whitman said that it is his deep serving sense that has made him very generous and serious towards his commitments that help him collaborate and contribute towards a better society. This is also the reason why they are celebrating his dedication through the recognition throughout the EF network.

Dr. Shahid is undoubtedly the person behind Pakistan’s Telecom, wireless, IT as well as Media Infrastructure development as he was a part of the development and implementation of the same. He has also been working with the community and played major roles in disastrous emergency situations during Kashmir’s 2005 earthquake through working with Dr Abdul Bari Khan for Indus Hospital’s extension in Karachi.

George de Lama who is the president of Eisenhower says that he is an exemplary man who is a leader at the best representation for the Fellowship. He has a good faith and helps people with thorough understanding and knowledge.

Well, all things considered, what is important to note is that such personalities are the core strength of the country looking at what its present state is and what its future holds. For it is only these personalities that can bring the country’s positive image all over.


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