Jeff Bezos is the now the world’s third richest man as Amazon reaches heights


world's third richest man

Jeff Bezos is the now the third richest man in the world as his net worth has crossed $65.05 billion on Thursday surpassing Warren Buffet, the Berkshire Hathaway founder’s $32 million worth. Hence the Amazon CEO is now only behind tow people i.e. Amancio Ortega (Spain’s businessman founder of Zara) and Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder).

Amazon is now the fifth most valuable company online in the US after Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and ExxonMobil, while it is the ownership of its stocks that he has reached the third-richest since Amazon’s February sales have been over 50% in the last five months. Just back in April, he had become the fourth richest guy in the world after surpassing the Mexican Mogul Carlos Slim, however, his net worth has been hit when he donated $2.2 billion in July.

The next month his net worth had grown even more as Amazon reported its quarterly earnings that were expected to have a blowing out quarter while the wealthy and doesn’t celebrate it fancy but remains deeply involved in his Amazon corporate culture well along with his simple little everyday interests.


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