Three common young entrepreneur mistakes and how to avoid them!


young entrepreneur mistakes

Negotiations become an integral part of life, if you’re an entrepreneur. Poor negotiators can never be great entrepreneurs and there are some little slips that take them off their hook and do the unnecessary damage. The three most common errors that entrepreneurs make are identified below.

1) Being thick at the negotiation type

Failing to understand what type of negotiation one is in, is the most common blunder. One type of negotiation involves assets where time is the factor for winning or losing while the other is where the long term relationship is also involved. Here you need to know that you’re dealing with someone you have to maintain a profile with hence one should remember while dealing that trust, admiration and such values remain sacred while negotiating to defend your part.

young entrepreneur mistakes

2) Gambling mandatory needs

Maintaining your opinion on the thing that you’re not ready to lose at all and what your own image is, is the key to having a good role. Ego should not be made a part of it while having your integrity in tact to gain the matter. One should definitely have in mind that the invaluable thing doesn’t require ego factors to come in between as a spoiler.

3) Having greed as your fuel

Successful negotiations only occur if there is no greed involved in it because if even one of the people involved is greedy then the deal becomes very aggressive to handle. Business surely is a personal thing and hence emotions can get involved when greed comes in too. One should develop the skill to take things in control if greed is about to ruin it.

Hence, the three factors really remain predictable for those witty negotiations if one wants to be a pro at being an entrepreneur.


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