Rs.1 Bottle of Water Introduced by Government

    Bottle of Water

    Bottle of Water

    The Ministry of Science and Technology has introduced its own bottled water with amazingly low price per Litre.

    According to details, the project is started as a pilot for now and state produced water bottles will initially be available for the government offices for now, which would cost Rs1 per liter.

    Fawad Chaudhry, federal minister for Science and Technology said that the step has been taken in light of the government’s austerity measures.

    This bottled water will be a cheaper alternative to the mineral water that is currently available at government offices, he said.

    The bottled water, called the ‘Safe Drinking Water, will cost Rs1 per liter, the federal minister remarked.

    The Pakistan Council of Research and Water Reserves have so far prepared 500 ml bottles for the water.

    This Bottle of Water will be served to officials at PM Office, GHQ, and Parliament House first, and then later at offices of different ministries.


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