50% Reduction in Cyber Crime in Pakistan

    Cyber Crime

    Cyber Crime

    Air pollution is not the only thing that has seen a decrease these days due to Coronavirus, there has been a fall in cybercrime cases across Pakistan thanks to the steps taken by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

    The analysis of complaints at the cybercrime wing (CCW) shows a huge fall in the amount of online financial crimes in the country despite the usage of the internet going up.

     The FIA CCW, under the directives of the PM, had taken strong measures to prevent online financial crimes. According to a recent report, the cyber financial crimes have fallen by around 50%.

    During the lockdown period, over 488 complaints have been filed with the CCW compared to 928 similar complaints that were filed in the same period before the lockdown.

    During the period of 1st March to 22nd April of this year, the cybercrime wing had caught 6 gangs of cybercriminals with 45 perpetrators being jailed. Apart from this, 39 cases in this period have been registered by the CCW.


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