98 Percent of Rural Population in Pakistan has Access to Electricity



    Pakistan has the highest share of rural population with access to electricity according to World Bank statistics.

    Rural inhabitants of Pakistan that have access to electricity is 98.1 percent as of 2016 and it is really inspiring compared to other neighboring countries that don’t even reach 90 percent.

    Standing at 77 percent of the rural population having access to electricity, India is yet to make structural changes for the gap to be filled. Bangladesh has 6 percent while Afghanistan stands at 78.96 percent.

    In the year 2016, China made it to 100 percent for the rural population having access to Electricity. Other countries like the United Kingdom and the United States also have 100 percent coverage for the rural population to have electricity access.

    Countries with limited access are South Africa 67 percent, Nigeria 41 percent, Kenya 39 percent, Cambodia 36 percent, Ethiopia 26 percent, Zimbabwe 15 percent, and South Sudan 5 percent.

    The lowest percentage recorded is for the Central African Republic i.e. 0.39 percent.


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