Best Engineering Universities in Pakistan


Engineering-UniversitiesThe government of Pakistan is persistently working towards the education of its population as approximate 65% of the younger population is receiving education from various institutions and facilities and the literacy rate of the country’s population in roughly 58% but increasing on a daily basis.

A large number of individuals are passionate for the field of engineering for which the country offers a large number of government owned and private engineering universities, which offer a wide range of engineering programs, some of which are deemed to be amongst the best engineering universities in Pakistan and are listed as follows with the programs being offered by them.

1.     Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS):

This offers programs in chemical, mechanical, material, electrical and nuclear engineering.

2.     National University of Science & Technology (NUST):

NUST offers programs in engineering management and mechanical engineering along with microwave and mechatronics engineering as well.

3.     GhulamIshaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI):

GIKI offers computer science and engineering as well as engineering science and electrical, chemical and material science engineering.

4.     The University of Engineering and Technology (UET):

This offers programs in water resources management along with chemical, hydropower, geological and computer engineering.

5.     Mehran University:

Mehran University offers engineering in mining, chemical, mechanical, metallurgy and materials and petroleum and natural gas along with industrial engineering and management.

6.     National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences:

This offers programs based on engineering economics, telecom switching and networks digital communication along with computer networks engineering drawing.

7.     University of Punjab:

This offers courses in chemical and electrical engineering.

8.     COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT):

CIIT offers programs in electrical engineering as well Nano sciences and technology mechanical engineering along with telecommunication and networking electrical computer engineering.

9.     Institute of Space Technology(IST):

This offers aerospace engineering along with electrical and mechanical engineering, material science and engineering as well as space science.

10. International Islamic University:

The International Islamic University offers electronics engineering as well as mechanical engineering.


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