Islamabad Traffic Police Levied Fined on 530 VIPs in 2019

    Islamabad Traffic Police

    Islamabad Traffic Police

    Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has fined 530 VIPs in 2019, including parliamentarians, diplomats and bureaucrat.

    Farrukh Rasheed, SSP Traffic Police says, Elimination of VIP culture and equal application of law are the operational codes of the ITP which has become the model of excellence for all law enforcement agencies in the country.

    He added that the traffic police personnel are routinely evaluated and a continuous effort is being made to improve the process.

    The traffic personnel are performing their duties as defined by the basic objectives laid out during the inception of Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), said the SSP, adding that they try to ensure that the law is enforced equally on everyone.

    The VIPs fined during the current year include 21 MNAs/MPAs, 8 members of the senate, 7 armed forces officials, 111 government officials, 229 senior police officers, 57 diplomats, 55 media persons and 6 Judicial officers amongst others.

    The SSP said, Whether there is any VIP or common people on the road, everyone is equal to us and it is our responsibility to save his life through ensuring implementation of traffic rules.

    He said that ITP aims to make Islamabad’s roads safe, facilitating citizens in any way possible.

    The SSP said that there is no financial motive behind issuing fines. Their purpose is to make sure that the citizens follow the law.

    He said that ITP personnel will continue to strive towards providing a safe road environment in the city and asked the citizens to help them in making the city accident-free.


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