Journey of OMD Pakistan Uninterrupted Triumph Continues


    OMD Pakistan

    Agency of the year accolade has once again been bestowed upon OMD Pakistan. Campaign Asia Pacific hosted this event on 5 December, 2017 to acknowledge the best among the media agencies for their unparalleled contributions.

    OMD has also earned other great recognitions as well. It has secured Bronze title in Digital agency of the year among best agencies of the country for their advance media reputation in all spheres of media oriented services. Title grabbed at campaign Asia pacific is the thread of previous achievements i.e. it has steal the show for four consecutive years and two in a row as best Media agency of the year at Campaign Asia pacific.

    OMD Pakistan belonging to Omnicom Media Group and carries a bright history of efficient performance and successful execution of all the services. Stephen Li of Campaign Asia Specific was sharing his views.

    To conquer the feat and to be best among parallel competitors, require strong commitment and determination. OMD Pakistan has always been in forefront to provide best services to its client and nevertheless, industry recognize its goodwill and stake. OMD Pakistan is thriving to be best by working for achieving greater prospects, according to CEO Dara Bashir Khan of OMD Pakistan.


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