Katas Raj Temples Travel Guide

Katas Raj Temples

Katas Raj Temples

Divine to Hindu mythology, a beautiful complex of temples can be seen paying homage to its worshipers. Located near Chakwal in Punjab, Katas Raj Temples is the most highly regarded and revered. At the site of Katas Raj Temples, you will find Satgraha (seven temples), that includes Buddhist stupa, several old sanctuaries, some newly built sanctuaries and Havelis. All these are situated around a lake that is regarded very sacred by Hindus. Sanctuaries built on square platforms and sub-shrines with textured dome reminds of medieval era architecture. According to historians, Katas Raj temples are the second largest holy place after Jawala Mukhi for Hindus. Also, it is being told that for twelve years Pandwas brothers lived in katas Raj and formed Satgraha. It holds in its rugged walls the history of 1500 years from Buddhist era to British rule. Visit www.mytrip.pk to plan your tour to Katas Raj Temples.


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