Military Expenditure by Pakistan Recorded Among Highest in the World

    Military Expenditure

    Military Expenditure

    With the expenditure of $11.4 billion, the Pakistan military is regarded as the 20th biggest in terms of spending. Military expenditure makes 4 percent of Total Gross Domestic Product (GDP), this was revealed by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in their report.

    This increase in spending is the highest since 2004 and simultaneously, 73 increase in military expenditure has been witnessed in ten years from 2009-2018. in the year 2017-18, military spending rose by 11 percent.

    Although according to the report Pakistan is not yet among the countries having military burden as a percentage of GDP and still it has managed to the strongest military of the world.

    With $649 billion US remains the highest spender of the military in the world in 2018. In the last ten year, US military expenditure has decreased by 17 percent.

    On second place comes China with $250 billion in military spending followed by Saudi Arabia at number three with $67.6 billion in military spending. $66.5 billion is spent by India on military and comes on fourth with France on 5th, it has military spending of $63.8 billion.

    Amid of rivalry with China and Pakistan, the military spending of India has increased by 3.1 percent. But it has the lowest military burden since the 1960s and only accounts for 2.4 percent of GDP.


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