Momentum Pakistan to Host Fortune 500 Mentors in Karachi


Fortune 500 mentors

Momentum Pakistan has brought to you some great brains of the business arena with the vision to provide guidance and proper approach required to build-up, and efficiently lead emerging startups and entrepreneurs.

Kevin France, Jason Gilbert, and Tcat Houser to name few are among other Fortune 500 mentors, who will be coming to Pakistan. They will be sharing their success stories and also the strategies, mindset required, skills and potential markets for startups and entrepreneurs.

Momentum tech conference that will take place in Karachi on 19 and 20th of February will host these business intellects. With free participation, like-minded and enterprises struggling for recognition and handful resources must not miss this great opportunity. Representatives of IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon will also be addressing the modern day issues faced by startups and entrepreneurs alike. Also, the conference will help in understanding the needs and underlying opportunities across geographical boundaries in other countries.

Despite, a situation that is currently prevailing between Pakistan and US, after tweets from US president Trump and later cutting the aids to Pakistan, such interactions between the people of two countries illustrates that we want cooperation and such platforms are examples of sheer understanding and coordination, said momentum Pakistan founder, Amir Jafri.

This initiative by momentum Pakistan is also lauded by the Fortune 500 mentors who will be part of this conference and also, senior bureaucrats and officials who think it will help in bringing people of two countries closer and our startups and entrepreneurs should take maximum advantage out of this.


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