National Poverty Graduation Program Launched by Government



    National poverty Graduation Initiative has been officially launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide interest-free loans to less fortunate people to combat their cumbersome situation. Nearly, 80,000 people will provide interest-free loans. This will include youngsters and women. And during the ceremony, Imran Khan also blamed the former government for not serving the cause of people but just inflated their own bank balances.

    He said that in Naya Pakistan, the government will follow the Chinese model to eliminate the menace of poverty. China showed how it is done. They brought at least 700 million people out of poverty over 30 years. He said that this initiative is expected to change the mindset of the people and help them uplift their condition.

    PM Khan dispersed cheques of interest-free loans among the attendees belonging to the underprivileged class. “We are giving interest-free loans to 82,000 people today. In sha Allah, we will empower the weak segment of society,” the premier said on this occasion.

    The prime minister concluded with offers of three to ten percent rewards to everyone who identified a benami asset owned by a Pakistani citizen. He said the amount recovered from benami properties would be used for the Ehsaas program.


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