Nawabshah Recorded Hottest Temperature Globally for April



    On the last day of April, Nawabshah became victim to highest temperature recorded for the month of April globally.  The hottest day, as it may seem to be the highest for this year was 50.2°C.  The temperature in Larkana sours to 49°C, second highest in Pakistan after the record-breaking temperature of Nawabshah.

    People who suffered from this drastic heat and fainted were taken to Peoples Medical University hospital and also to other close-by medical centers. Peoples are advised to remain indoors, drink more and more water and cover their head with wet clothes.

    Earlier the hottest temperature recorded was in Santa Rosa city of Mexico and it was 51°C in April 2001. But according to Christopher Burt, weather expert Nawabshah’s temperature would be the hottest ever recorded.

    For Pakistan and entire Asian continent, this was the warmest temperature recorded for April, said another meteorological expert.

    In March, Nawabshah broke the record for highest temperature of 45.5°C in Pakistan.

    Along with warm days and high temperatures Pakistani people have also to bear the wrath of load shedding. Unannounced power outages have already started on different areas of country. This will be very sad news for people as they have to struggle with load-shedding as well as hot weather.


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