Pakistani beauty startup raises $280 k seed


pakistani beauty startup

About $280k have been raised by a Pakistani beauty startup named which is a seed round given by Fatima Ventures just over a year as the Plan X drive startup has won great demand from women all over whether it is for their services, founders or other leaders while great reviews for its focus to act as a liaison between customers and business of the beauty world.

Now customers can make a booking at their favorite salons very easily and can also avail similar creative content for promotions alongside while the Fatima Ventures which are being led by the CEO Ali Mukhtar have given this $280 k funding for the same who says that BeautyHooked has great potential given the trends and market size which have the dedicated team leader Sahr who has a great potential for the future avenue of the same.

The PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) Chairman, Dr. Umar Saif has said that the entrepreneurial environment shall greatly benefit from it while female entrepreneurs shall also be encouraged to do well in this arena to show their strength too.

Along with the CEO Sahr, the CTO Abdullah Ahmed and the Head of Operations, Sidra Talha have been managing the Lahore-based startup to change the way Pakistani women deal with their beauty and lifestyle needs, which can be provided to them for all those players of the market that has become a part of it through subscription.

Sahr also adds that she wants to empower women through this venture as it was the sole reason for her to return to Pakistan after her MBA completion at Cornell University took place while nobody had expected her to come back leaving an opportunity to work somewhere at Wall Street to build a career. She also says that it was at the LUMS entrepreneurship incubator where her idea was encouraged and then a Qatar corporate player chose them looking at the potential they had.


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