Pakistani Startups – A Chance for a Funded Silicon Valley Trip!


Pakistani Startups – A Chance for a Funded Silicon Valley Trip!

According to Pakistan’s IT news, Pakistani startups are taking the nation by storm with their especially designed-for home products and services. They are solving everyday issues being faced by Pakistanis from all strata of society. Some focus on the urban consumer while others giving their significant input in uplifting rural communities in 21st century Pakistan.

Are you looking for low-cost transport solutions? Looking for a plumber/carpenter/gardener but don’t know where to find them? Internet training programs in Pakistani villages? All these are some of the local problems where Pakistani startups are providing their solutions.

Since we are talking about Pakistan’s brightest here, wouldn’t it be great if they could go to that fortress of technological innovation and product development factory they call the Silicon Valley?

This is where The Nest i/O, a Karachi-based tech incubator, has partnered up with Blackbox Connect, a ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ project, to select Pakistani startups and send them to Silicon Valley for a two-week trip.

What is Blackbox Connect and How Can You Apply?

BlackBox Connect is basically a program for non-US startups and entrepreneurs for a fully-funded trip to Silicon Valley where they can meet like-minded entrepreneurs. There are also lots of workshops, meetings and a one-in-a-million chance to network with investors, experts, and executives out there.

To apply, a startup must be an affiliated member of Partner Organization like The Nest I/O. To be considered as an affiliated member, Nest I/O will be vetting organizations who apply for this program.

Applicants will have to get registered and provide all the necessary details. They will then be subject to a rigorous short listing process; after which they will be informed about their qualifying status.

How to Apply?

If you are a Pakistani entrepreneur, you can enroll in this program here:

Date of Deadline for Submissions: 12 pm Noon, 30th September 2015

Date for Two Week Trip to Silicon Valley: 30th Nov – 11th Dec 2015

How Are Incubators Like The Nest I/O Rising to Meet the Need for Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in the park by any means, armed with just an idea and a hunger to bring that idea to execution is what drives most startups and entrepreneurs, with commercial considerations coming in later.

Granted that entrepreneurs need funding, support and resources to help them realize their vision. This is where Incubators come in. The Nest I/O, Karachi’s first tech incubator that was launched by P@SHA, offers mentorship, office space and many other facilities to get budding startups up and running. Since its launch in Jan 2015, it has helped revitalize the technology scene in Pakistan’s commercial heartland by taking some promising incubates under its wing such as Knavix, Investor Lounge, amongst others.

The Nest I/O also regularly organizes events, workshops, seminars and more for technologists, creative and corporate, giving people an opportunity to network with some of the movers and shakers of the Pakistani IT and services landscape.

In core, the entrepreneur culture here is thriving and stepping up in a huge way to transform Pakistan as a vibrant and innovative place. Programs like Nest I/O’s partnership with Blackbox Connect can go a long way in making Pakistani companies globally relevant and competitive.

So if you think that your startup has what it takes to be a world-class product or service, then apply today for Blackbox Connect with The Nest I/O. Silicon Valley is waiting for you.


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