Pakistani Startups to Make Your Life Easier


7 Pakistani Unique Startups to Make Your Life Easier

Convenience is all that matters nowadays. Following unique Pakistani startups can help you make the most of your daily routine and special events alike.

1. BookMe.PK

Getting tickets to your favorite movie on a cinema? No matter which Cinema you go to, no matter which city you live in, there will always be a mad rush at the tickets counter. A plan on the weekend with friends for a movie can never materialize if this state of affairs persists. Until now that is.

Try Bookme and get your tickets delivered at your home or anywhere in the country as you wish. An additional 50 rupees per ticket will be charged on top of the original cost of the ticket. Easy, affordable and hassle-free way to book tickets to your favorite movie.

Another service that Bookme offers is this – you can order your intercity bus tickets online. You don’t need to wait in long lines at bus terminals. Book your seats online with Bookme and get your tickets at your doorstep.

Bookme is Pakistan’s first online e-ticketing system and is also available for Android / iOS / Windows Phone.

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2. Tripda

Fuel prices are touching the sky. People know how fuel eats away and obliterates their income, making owning a car a costly venture. The problem is more pronounced if you have to commute a long distance every day, relying on an inefficient public transportation system for your daily life.

Tripda can help you solve your transport and fuel woes. It works on the carpooling system and you can find rides with other Tripda users who share the same route as you. It is safer since all the stakeholders use Tripda and are known to each other.

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3. Cleanry

Where do we mostly if we don’t have a working washine machine at home and our laundry has piled up? Maybe a nearby laundry shop which takes almost 5 days or more to return the clean clothes? Or maybe have them sent out to a cleaner who picks clothes from us & delivers in a week? Both options that seem extremely time consuming when that favorite t-shirt you want to wear to your pal’s birthday is at someone else’s mercy.

Cleanry is an online startup which provides laundry services at your doorstep. It is Pakistan’s first online laundry service. You can book your laundry jobs online and they will send someone to pick up your pile at day and time set by you. Your clothes and other articles will be delivered spick and span within 3 working days. Prices are reasonable as well.

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4. Sukoon

Water taps are leaking? Electricity switches are fluctuating? Doors are creaking? All these issues are part of our daily life.

Looking for the people who fix these issues is hectic. Panic sets in quite easily as well.

Don’t worry. Just visit Sukoon. Book your electrician, plumber or carpenter. All your issues will be solved by sitting at home. Sukoon is an affordable service that you can avail at your doorstep.

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5. Kaghaz

For the special people in our life who go the extra mile for us, be they our parents, friends or loved ones, they do deserve a gift that’s out of the ordinary. So the question becomes – what is the best gift for them on their birthday or any day?

Kaghaz makes customized diaries that are likely to blow your mind. They have built-in custom designs and you can even design your own diary by sending pictures & text. You can even request some variety in the number of pages you want in your diary. Book your customized diary and it will be delivered at your door. No extra delivery charges.

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6. Metal It

Want to itch a permanent memory in a metallic memento? Now you can with Metal It. Gift a customized metal key chain or pendant to your friends and family. You can add custom text or images of your choice.

Here’s how it works. A sample drawing will be shared with you. Once you finalize the sample, you will get your order delivered at your doorstep within three working days.

As they say, memories are for a lifetime, metal them.

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7. AutoXpert

‘It was fine on the way to work. And then, it broke down. ‘

‘It was fine when I parked it in my garage last night. Why is its engine not purring like it normally does?’

Life is easy with AutoXpert. Book your mechanic and get your car fixed at your doorstep while you are enjoying a good movie. Instead of pulling your car to the mechanic’s shop or the mechanic by hiring an ill-trained one, simply get a qualified and experienced mechanic wherever you want through AutoXpert.

AutoXpert also offers other services for your car such as Engine Oil Change, Battery Water Change, Radiator Coolant, Air & Oil Filter Change, etc.


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