to receive US$7.5 million fund for its on-of-a-kind venture


Hosted at the LUMS center for entrepreneurship (LCE) started its online fruits and vegetable delivery venture as they received a $7.5 million large Pakistani company funding, which is the highest ever funding by LCE while the total startup raise wasn’t even disclosed. has been growing enormously in Lahore while it has now also started to deliver the same to hotels and restaurants now as it has constant efforts being one with direct procurement from the farmers to provide great competitive prices with high quality and grade intact. Farooq Haider who is the CEO of says that they have managed to have a six-figure capital investment but have gone with those investors that compliment their business strategically as the capital would mainly be used to build HR, supply chain, marketing and CRM areas.

The operation expansion to other cities of the country is also being planned while Farooq wants to turn as a national brand that not only provides high quality benefits to the consumers but also increases their healthy livelihood through their increased direct farmer procurement. Khurram Zafar who is the executive director of LUMS center of Entrepreneurship committee has said that he is happy that Pakistani investors have started to acknowledge good new startups within the country too as bright and good intentioned minds like Farooq deserve to get progress.


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