TalkHealth – Empowering Patients in Pakistan


TalkHealthIt’s amazing to see the way a customer is treated in the health industry. Every other industry treats customers as their “Boss”, but patients are powerless and frustrated. On one side the clinicians don’t have time to answer every question that comes across the patient’s mind and on the other the patients today have an impression that it is not their responsibility to listen to their body, educate themselves about their medical condition or to research the medical options that are on their offering. And the lack of authentic information on the Internet confuses those who try to learn about their medical condition and research. Talkhealth is an intelligent solution to these problems.

As a result of this health illiteracy and frustration towards healthcare, people avoid their visits to the doctor; they either ignore the issue completely until its too late or opt for self-medication. Research shows that self-medication is causing a death every 19 minutes. Even when the patients decide to visit a doctor they don’t know who is the right doctor for their medical condition.

TalkHealthCapitalizing the increasing ubiquity of Internet and mobile devices, TalkHealth has created an interactive mobile health network coupled with a Q&A platform that facilitates people to connect with licensed physicians and patients like them via their smartphones or the Web.

So now if you have any medical problem you can reach out to the physicians easily and anonymously through TalkHealth web or mobile application, where expert clinicians will provide you insights about the disease and they will guide you to the right medical specialty that you should consult. If you are looking for a doctor or a specialist TalkHealth will provide you results based on location, fee and rating.

Additionally TalkHealth allows you to interact with patients like you for support and motivation and to understand what is working for others and what is not. It will also keep the patients updated with the latest research and happenings in medical and health industry through the doctor’s journal.

For clinics and hospitals TalkHealth is providing a platform where they can showcase their facilities and doctors. Doctors can showcase their experience, qualifications and promote themselves to millions online. The Q&A section is very useful for doctors to get noticed.

TalkHealth has already signed up about 40 hospitals and clinics in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and have launched with more than 100 doctors. The hospitals include Ali Medical Center, Amanat Eye Clinic, Hope Hospital, Ali Hospital, Health Care Hospital and many more.


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