Top Business Schools of Pakistan


IBAInstitute of Business Administration, Karachi

In a survey conducted by The News Tribe which samples 18-24 year old post graduates located throughout Pakistan, the Institute of Business Administration, which is based in Karachi, is deemed as the best business school of the country.
Approximately 33% of the masses claim for IBA to be ranked on the top position of business schools based in the country. The institute was established in 1955 in collaboration with Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is known to be the first business school in South Asia to be based on the US MBA model.
Initially it was established within the University of Karachi after which it developed its status in 1994 to being an independent degree-granting institution of the country along with having he honor of receiving a charter from the government of Sindh. The institute joined a group of seven renowned business schools based in South Asia later on in 2011.
LUMS-universityLahore University of Management Science
Approximately 30% of the masses rank LUMS as being the second top business school of Pakistan. Being known as one of the largest universities of Pakistan, LUMS is able to distinguish itself as being an out class academic institution which has a legacy of achievements along with aspirational plans for the future.
The idea of its establishment stemmed from the mind of Syed Babar Ali who was a Pro Chancellor, along with the support of leading public and private sector corporations of the country. Furthermore, the government of Pakistan also granted permission for the formation of other schools under the sponsorship of LUMS.
Apart from providing high class education to its students, the institute also encourages intellectual advancement and research in Pakistan due to which it has been able to establish high academic standards in the country whilst producing globally professional students.

lahore school of economicsLahore School of Economics
Lahore School of Economics is ranked in the third position by 9% of the masses. This institute was established in 1993 and commissioned by the government of Punjab in 1997. It has two campuses, one of which is located in DHA and the other in Gulberg.


SZABISTShaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhuto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST)
SZABIST has been established as a degree granting institution through the Legislative Act of the Sindh Assembly which was recognized and approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It is identified today as a prominent university having four campuses which includes one based abroad, apart from which it has three intermediate colleges, three diploma centers and a research center. To date, this institute has granted more than 3000 degrees.

IQRAIqra University
Iqra University is a private university based on the provision of higher education whose main campus is situated within Karachi while others are based in Islamabad and Quetta. Hunaid H Lakhani established it in 1998 and it was formerly named as Asian Management Institute however on insistence by the government of Sindh, the name was changed to Iqra University. This institute is known to have the highest number of PhD teachers in the country.

FASTFAST Business School
This institute was established under the Federal Charter due to which it has had the honor of being the first multi campus private sector university in Pakistan, each campus of which has been able to establish leadership positions as a result of its management and exceptionally qualified faculty. FAST has been able to develop itself as being a symbol of excellence in not only its domestic academic pitch but also in the international community.

Sukkur IBASukkur Institute of Business Administration
Sukkur IBA is an affiliation with IBA Karachi which was established initially in a rented building facility by the Public School Sukkur, however after 5 years of operations, the institute was able to transfer into its own premises which are deemed as being one of the most beautiful buildings in Sindh with facilities including hostels for males and females as well as faculty members.

IOBMInstitute of Business Management (IoBM)
This institute is based in Karachi and comprises of four colleges which include the College of Business Management (CBM), the College of Economics and Social Development (CESD), the College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) and the College of Engineering Sciences (CES).

NCBA&ENational Collage for Business Administration and Economics Lahore
In 1994, this institute was established as a private one which indulged in the practice of teaching and close partnerships with the industry due to which it was able to earn its reputation in aspects pertaining to management studies. It introduced the course of Computer Science in 1997 and received its charter from the Government of Punjab 5 years later, in 2002.


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