Transparent Cloth in China to Make a Person Disappear


    Man disappears

    If not yet, then just resort to Weibo, to view a video that makes a man disappears behind a transparent cloth. This video has so far viewed by millions of people.  People are still astonished with what had happened to the man after he vanishes behind the transparent cloth.

    People in china are amazed by this magical shroud or transparent cloth and are talking non stop about it.

    In the video, a man holds a shroud in front of another and you can witness him being disappeared behind it, and you can clearly view the transparent cloth. As you can see, he totally blends with the scene around and nobody can spot him anymore.

    Owing to the impressive response from stunned audience, it was later revealed by Zhu Zhensong, producer of Quantum Video Production Company, that it was all just an illusion. The entire scene has been filmed and edited.  He further clarified that such effects can be easily incorporated via range of different tools. Like, After Effects in Adobe, Blackmagic fusion, Nuke etc. These effects are also widely used in movie making. Consequently, it blends the subject into background. The science behind this awe-inspiring transparent cloth was finally unveiled.


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