Use of Antibiotics in Pakistan Increased by 65%



    The increasing consumption of antibiotics has sparked a debate since 2000 to reduce its usage. The increase in consumption might induce drug-resistant superbugs which can be very difficult to control.

    The study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) was conducted in 76 countries. Group of low and middle-income people have consumed a relatively higher ratio of antibiotics and its consumption overall increased by shocking 65 percent in 16 years from 2000-15.

    The increase was not very substantial in case of US, France, and Italy. They cannot be ignored altogether as the consumption of antibiotics is already high in these regions.

    The resistance developed against antibiotic consumption has become the main health issue in the world.

    In Asia, the rate of increase was very high and Asians mainly contributed to such sharp increase in consumption of Antibiotics.  The consumption nearly doubled in India and in China it sore 79%. In Pakistan, the increase was 65% in last 16 years. And it is these countries that top the list with the large segment of low and middle-class people.

    The alternatives like in terms of treatment, vaccination and sanitation should be devised recommended by scientists from John Hopkins University in Baltimore.

    The study also reported that over the years covered in the study the intake of antibiotics increased to 34.8 billion compared to 21.2 billion in 2000.


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