First Ever UX Focused Conference in LUMS


    UX Focused Conference in LUMSLahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is holding Pakistan’s inaugral UX-design conference next month, it would be first ever UX focused conference in LUMS to establish a dialogue for UX-enthusiasts from around Pakistan.

    What is UX?

    UX – User Experience Design is about giving a user a delightful and seamless experience with a product or service. It is all about designing a user experience that is not only beautiful, but also easy to use and doesn’t require much figuring out.

    User experience design is one of the most in-demand jobs these days. With the advent of smartphones and the internet of things, almost every gadget, small or big, needs to know how to interact with the user. From websites to mobile apps, watches to the Internet of Things, from VR to AI, user experience designers are required in everything.

    UX Pakistan

    UX Pakistan is about designing holistic user experiences, teaching the latest UX trends and technologies and inspiring UXers to create seamless experiences.

    The person behind this initiative is Suleman Shahid, an assistant professor at LUMS who teaches Human Computer Interaction and Topics of Interactive Computing at the university. He is also the founder of UX-Pakistan and the patron of LUMS’ design society, INDEX— the society responsible for arranging this event.

    The conference will start off with interesting workshops in website designs, AR/VR, design hackathons and competitions on the first day, followed by a day of talks with a stellar line up from leaders of the industry and design professionals.

    When and Where?

    The event will be held in LUMS on April 22-23, 2017. Registrations for the event are open now. You can book your pass online.

    It will feature notable speakers and experienced UX-designers, including Diego Dalia, Service & Interaction Design Lead at IBM Design, Ireland; Abbas Arsalan, Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola at The Coca-Cola Company; and Khalid Bajwa, co-founder of a popular Pakistani startup, Patari.

    Pakistan is home to one of the world’s largest freelance community, including a good number of freelance UX designers. However, this field has not received as much attention as it should have. There is also a lack of focus on the overall User Experience of many apps and services made by Pakistani developers.

    UX Pakistan wants to change that approach and aims to be a platform for startups and UX designers to get their ideas evaluated by professionals of the field.

    I asked Awais Imran, a Pakistani User Experience (UX) Designer and also the founder of UX Design in Pakistan— one of the country’s largest community of designers, about his views on the conference.

    I think it is absolutely fantastic to see a large-scale UX conference being organized in Pakistan. It’s a clear indication that the field is taking off in our industry, as more and more people are understanding the long-term impact of UX design on building products people love.

    Clearly, UX Pakistan is a step in the direction and there is a need for more steps to be taken to nurture the community of UX designers in the country.


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