Your Choice of Life


    For running a country, a state, a company or a house, the basic principles are the same. You have to reduce your cost, increase your revenue, save as much as you can and make investments in order to grow.

    The word ‘Growth’ is understood by a few people. Everyone desires all the luxuries of life along with a beautiful wife, a lavish lifestyle and an extensive social circle. Some are born rich while others are born to become rich. It is completely your choice how you want to live your life. In our society, middle class people face many hardships in their lives.

    A boy who is born in a rich or at least a well settled family has the privilege to study in the best institutes, always gets what he wishes for and enjoys all the lavishness that life offers; all because his father has the means to purchase whatever he desires. He faces some issues at home but at the end of the day, he comes from a well settled family which surely reduces most of his problems. After graduation, he easily finds a job with the help of his family contacts and even if he does not get a job he still remains tension-free as he does not have any responsibility towards his family.  He has no idea how many bills his father is paying every month and how much money is being spent on household expenses. He knows that his father will get him a job or he will join his father’s business. All of his friends belong to the same income group families and that is why the girl he marries is also from same social circle. When he selects a girl to marry, he has no idea how much his wedding is going to cost his parents. After marriage, he also has the pleasure of going on a honeymoon sponsored by his father. After that, he has a normal life in which he spends his income on his wife and himself. It will take years before he starts giving some money to his parents or make any contribution in his house. By the time he understands the real responsibility, he crosses 30 years of age. He is earning well enough to support his family. It all goes very smooth.

    This is a story of a normal or a rich boy having a normal life with very usual small problems in life but not the major issues. Now let’s take another example.

    Imagine a boy who is born in a middle class family whose father is working hard to meet both ends. He is educated in normal institutes and he always thinks twice before asking for an expensive toy. His class fellows come from rich families but because he never has enough money in his pocket, he can not develop a strong relationship or friendship with them. After graduation he tries to get a job as soon as possible so that he can support his family. He lives in a small social circle without having a lavish lifestyle and after 3 or 4 years of working, he gets married to a girl, lives a simple life and just goes with the flow. He never experiences the feeling of instant pleasures like going on a vacation abroad or buying his wife an expensive dress. He is always satisfied with whatever he has and thinks that there is no need to spend any extra amount.  There is no need to buy a new car or a big house. He thinks that he is earning an amount in which the bills and house rent is being paid, monthly grocery is being purchased and all other living expenses are being met. He is content with his income flow.  Even his wife feels the same and fails to realize that if her husband earns more; their own future will be secure.

    Where is the growth in these above mentioned varying circumstances? Both of these individuals went with the flow and didn’t work hard to grow in their lives. If your monthly expenses are Rs. 50,000 and you are earning Rs. 60,000, it is not necessary that you should relax and say why should I work more? I am already saving Rs. 10,000 a month.

    Both individuals fenced in this system need to work hard and try to earn and save more because one never knows what is going to happen tomorrow to their family, their home and their country. When one earns more, he will be able to send his children to better schools, travel in better cars, have a better house and will be able to give his family a better lifestyle.

    The growth of a country comes from the growth in the lifestyle of a single human being residing in that country. When he will earn more, he will spend more; more money will be circulated in the economy. He will have a better lifestyle and pay more taxes and establish more businesses and will be able to give more jobs to people. All these things are interconnected with the concept of growth. There is no harm in earning more. The day when a person understands this fact,Pakistanwill prosper from that moment onwards.


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