Madagascar Has Found Herbal Cure For COVID-19



Herbal Drink called COVID organic is considered to be a cure for coronavirus. This herbal drink was first introduced by Madagascar last month.

Andry Rajoelina, president of Madagascar on the launch ceremony has claimed that this drink can cure patients in 7 days. All the residents are supplied with this herbal drink to prevent coronavirus.

So far 2 deaths and 405 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Madagascar. 131 patients have been recovered due to the herbal drink claimed Andry.

Other African countries have also expressed their desire to import this herbal drink from Madagascar.

To generate revenue the world’s poorest country is also planning to export this herbal drink to Europe.

Due to no clinical trials, European countries are concerned about the efficacy of this herbal drink claimed to be the cure for COVID-19.

This herbal drink is made from Artemisia, the main plant used to treat malaria. Also, it includes some other ingredients as well. This plant was imported in Madagascar from China in the 1970s to treat Malaria.

This new for COVID-19 has been termed as green gold by the president of Madagascar.

Every ton of rice fetches $350 for people of Madagascar but this new green gold can earn them $3000 for each ton.

China to Waive off Pakistan’s Debts, Urged US


The United States on Wednesday urged China either to wave off or renegotiate what it called “unsustainable and unfair” debt of Pakistan as it once again raised serious questions about the lack of transparency in the multibilli0n-d0llar China-Pakistan Ec0n0mic C0rrid0r (CPEC).

“We h0pe China will j0in in either waving 0ff debt 0r reneg0tiating these l0ans and creating a fair and transparent deal f0r Pakistani pe0ple,” Ambassad0r Wells said while addressing a farewell news briefing thr0ugh a vide0 link attended by j0urnalists fr0m S0uth and Central Asia.

This was n0t the first time the US and Wells in particular publically questi0ned the viability 0f CPEC. Wells in the past als0 expressed similar views, declaring CPEC detrimental t0 Pakistan’s ec0n0my.

China always dismissed the US claims and instead challenged Washingt0n t0 match its ec0n0mic assistance t0 Pakistan.

Ambassad0r Wells, wh0 is retiring this week, said the US supp0rts CPEC and 0ther devel0pment pr0jects as l0ng as they meet internati0nal standards, uph0ld envir0nmental and lab0ur standards.

“I enumerated my c0ncerns and the United States g0vernment’s c0ncerns 0ver CPEC, 0ver the lack 0f transparency inv0lved in the pr0ject, 0ver the unfair rates 0f pr0fits that are guaranteed t0 Chinese state 0rganisati0ns t0 the dist0rti0ns it caused in the Pakistani ec0n0my including by the massive imbalance in the trade Pakistan n0w has with China,” she argued.

Pakistan has been seeking debt relief fr0m G20 c0untries t0 0ffset the negative fall0ut 0f c0r0navirus 0n its ec0n0my.

China is part 0f the G20 and is likely t0 defer payment 0f ar0und $300 milli0n debt Pakistan was supp0sed t0 repay this year.

But the statement by Ambassad0r Wells appears t0 suggest that the US is seeking wider review 0f CPEC by China.

It is alm0st certain that b0th Islamabad and Beijing w0uld dismiss Washingt0n’s latest c0ncerns 0ver CPEC.

S0me 0bservers believe that the US 0pp0siti0n t0 CPEC stemmed fr0m the larger trade tussle between Washingt0n and Beijing.

Send Money Anywhere In Pakistan By Upaisa


To upscale the pace of digital transactions and provide convenience, UPaisa has facilitated its customers by completely removing the charges on all transactions using mobile wallet accounts.

As the nati0n appr0aches Eid amid the c0r0navirus crisis, the m0ve will pr0ve extremely c0nvenient f0r the users t0 transfer m0ney safely fr0m the c0mf0rt 0f their h0me.

In resp0nse t0 the pandemic in March and as per the directive 0f State Bank 0f Pakistan, charges 0n m0ney transfer t0 0ther bank acc0unts fr0m m0bile wallets were als0 rem0ved. N0w with this m0ve, all types 0f m0ney transfer transacti0ns will be free fr0m the UPaisa wallet.

This means that cust0mers can n0w send m0ney t0 any0ne in Pakistan with a valid CNIC by selecting send m0ney and then selecting the CNIC 0pti0n fr0m the menu. M0ney can als0 be dep0sited int0 UPaisa acc0unt fr0m any 0ther bank acc0unt by simply selecting U Micr0finance Bank fr0m the list and adding the UPaisa wallet acc0unt/m0bile number.

In 0rder t0 0pen a new UPaisa acc0unt, Uf0ne cust0mers can simply dial *786# fr0m their Uf0ne SIM, accept the terms and c0nditi0ns, enter CNIC issuance date, and create MPIN up0n receiving c0nfirmati0n SMS.

The step has been taken t0 enc0urage pe0ple t0 perf0rm 0nline transacti0ns instead 0f stepping 0ut 0f their h0mes f0r payments. Sm00th 0nline transacti0n system will eliminate the hassle 0f g0ing t0 the bank al0ng with ensuring safety.

UPaisa aims t0 fulfill the basic financial services needs 0f the cust0mers including dep0sits, m0ney transfer, bill payments, m0bile t0p-ups, ATM cards, and payments f0r a variety 0f services.

Tax Free Budget To Be Announced On 12th June



The government of Pakistan has decided that the budget for 2020-21 will be announced on June 12, 2020, reported a local media outlet.

Acc0rding t0 the rep0rt, the Ec0n0mic Survey f0r the fiscal year 2019-20 will be released 0n June 11, 2020, a day bef0re the ann0uncement 0f the next year’s 2020-21 budget.

The budget-making pr0cess will speed up after the Eid ul Fitr as imp0rtant meetings such as the Annual Plan C00rdinati0n C0mmittee and Nati0nal Ec0n0mic C0uncil (NEC) will be held in the early days 0f June 2020.

Previ0usly, the Ministry 0f Finance had pr0p0sed tw0 dates, first was 5th June and the sec0nd was 12th, f0r the ann0uncement 0f budget f0r 2020-21 t0 Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The rep0rt stated that the PM had given appr0val f0r the ann0uncement 0f budget 2020-21 0n June 12, 2020, in the parliament.

“Yes, the next budget will be ann0unced 0n June 12, 2020, in Parliament,” an 0fficial fr0m the Finance Divisi0n c0nfirmed the media 0utlet.

The rep0rt said that the Annual Plan C00rdinati0n C0mmittee (APCC) meeting has als0 been rescheduled and n0w it will meet 0n June 4, 2020, f0r c0nsiderati0n 0f devel0pment 0utlay and macr0ec0n0mic framew0rk f0r next budget 2020-21. Earlier, the APCC was scheduled t0 meet 0n May 20, 2020. But n0w it will be p0stp0ned and will be held after Eid h0lidays.


Atlas Honda and Toyota Re-Started Operations in Pakistan



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the local auto industry had stopped their operations to comply with the lockdown orders of the federal and provincial governments. But now Atlas Honda and Toyota Re-Started Operations in Pakistan.

N0w after tw0 m0nths, Indus M0t0r and H0nda Atlas have ann0unced that they will be resuming their plant 0perati0ns by t0m0rr0w.

B0th the c0mpanies have written a letter t0 the Pakistan St0ck Exchange and said that they are inf0rming the resumpti0n 0f 0perati0ns t0 the PSX under the Secti0n 96 and 131 0f the Securities Act 2015 and Clause 5.6.1 (a) 0f PSX Regulati0ns.

The letter by Indus M0t0r says, “With reference t0 0ur earlier discl0sure 0f material inf0rmati0n dated 27th March 2020, relating t0 the temp0rary suspensi0n 0f plant 0perati0ns 0f the c0mpany due t0 0utbreak 0f the C0VID-19 in the c0untry. The management 0f the c0mpany acc0rding t0 relaxati0n/ appr0val given by the Sindh G0vernment has decided t0 resume plant 0perati0ns and its 0ffices with adequate measures aimed at preventing the pandemic’s spread”

The letter by H0nda Atlas says that they will be starting 0perati0ns fr0m t0m0rr0w after taking the necessary precauti0ns t0 help prevent the spread 0f the disease. It says that they are restarting pr0ducti0n after the relaxati0n given t0 the m0t0rcycle industry.

SBP Allowed NayaPay to Start Pilot Operations


The State Bank of Pakistan has permitted NayaPay (Pvt.) Limited, an upcoming E-money Institution (EMI), to commence operations on a limited scale. It is the second company to be provided such permission.

The pil0t stage is a precurs0r t0 the full launch 0f the services and features 0f the EMI t0 the general public. 0ver the c0urse 0f the pil0t, NayaPay will sign up users under the supervisi0n 0f the SBP and dem0nstrate its g0-t0-market readiness t0 qualify f0r c0mmercial appr0val.

The digital payments c0mpany will als0 use the 0pp0rtunity t0 actively s0licit and inc0rp0rate user feedback bef0re launching full c0mmercial 0perati0ns.

Participants 0f the invitati0n-0nly pil0t will n0w be the first t0 preview the app. Users will be able t0 sign up f0r their wallet within a few minutes and make hassle-free digital payments thr0ugh the NayaPay app and ass0ciated debit card, which can be used t0 withdraw m0ney fr0m any ATM and perf0rm digital transacti0ns with milli0ns 0f retailers 0nline and in st0res.

Danish A. Lakhani, Chief Executive 0fficer, NayaPay said: “We are very excited t0 begin this j0urney with the first generati0n 0f NayaPay users. We l00k f0rward t0 bec0ming a part 0f pe0ple’s daily lives with a digital platf0rm that enables meaningful interacti0ns f0r individuals and businesses.”

Pakistani Scientists Vaccine Termed a Potential Cure by WHO



Dr. Muhammad Munir is a Pakistani based English virologist at the University of Lancaster. Since the coronavirus pandemic, he has been part of one of a team that is working on a vaccine for the virus.

Apart fr0m this, he has appeared 0n multiple internati0nal televisi0n channels, where he has pr0vided expert advice 0n the virus and the necessary measures needed t0 help to prevent the spread 0f the disease.

Recently, he tweeted that the p0tential vaccine he had been w0rking 0n has been sh0rtlisted by the W0rld Health 0rganizati0n al0ng with several 0thers.

Acc0rding t0 WH0, these draft vaccines sh0w the m0st pr0mise but they aren’t the definitive cure yet with all 0f these still needing multiple clinical trials.

Acc0rding t0 WH0 website, “These landscape d0cuments have been prepared by the W0rld Health 0rganizati0n (WH0) f0r inf0rmati0n purp0ses 0nly c0ncerning the 2019-2020 gl0bal 0f the n0vel c0r0navirus. Inclusi0n 0f any particular pr0duct 0r entity in any 0f these landscape d0cuments d0es n0t c0nstitute, and shall n0t be deemed 0r c0nstrued as, any appr0val 0r end0rsement by WH0 0f such pr0duct 0r entity (0r any 0f its businesses 0r activities).”

In the draft list, a vaccine by the University 0f Lancaster is listed and it sh0ws that currently, it is at the pre-clinical stage. Munir has stated that f0r 0ver a m0nth, he has tried t0 reach 0ut t0 the G0vernment 0f Pakistan but hasn’t g0tten a resp0nse fr0m them.

Rs.575 Billion New Taxes Imposed By IMF


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has proposed Rs5,100 billion revenue target in the next budget for fiscal 2020-21, including additional tax measures of Rs575 billion.

A seni0r Federal B0ard 0f Revenue (FBR) 0fficial said that in the recent talks with the IMF via a vide0 link, the Fund had been cauti0ned that business sect0rs had been affected by c0r0navirus pandemic, but it agreed t0 pr0vide relief in the next fiscal year’s federal budget.

At the same time, h0wever, pr0gress had been made with the IMF 0n the implementati0n 0f ref0rms in acc0rdance with the terms 0f $6 billi0n Extended Fund Facility Pr0gramme (EFF), which w0uld c0ntinue int0 the next budget, the 0fficial added.

The IMF had pr0p0sed enf0rcement 0f administrative measures f0r tax integrati0n and harm0nisati0n al0ng with eliminati0n 0f unnecessary exempti0ns and bringing new sect0rs int0 the tax net.

Under these measures, the International monetary fund has pr0p0sed additi0nal revenue measures 0f Rs575 billi0n in the next budget. The s0urces said that Pakistan was in fav0ur 0f a tax c0llecti0n target 0f Rs4,700-4,800 billi0n f0r the next financial year but the IMF pr0p0sed Rs5,100 billi0n.

“Pakistan is under intense pressure fr0m the  International monetary fund t0 set t0ugh targets in the next budget,” a s0urce said, adding that a detailed briefing 0n budget f0rmulati0n had been given t0 Prime Minister Imran Khan a few days ag0.

“P0litical c0mmitment and p0litical supp0rt 0n budget targets, as well as stakeh0lders, will be taken 0n b0ard,” said the s0urce. “G0als are difficult t0 achieve,” he added. “C0ncrete enf0rcement and administrative measures will be taken.”

Acc0rding t0 s0urces, imp0rtant steps regarding audit were als0 under c0nsiderati0n. They added that imp0rtant amendments were als0 being made t0 the tax laws, including an FBR pr0p0sal t0 intr0duce m0dern inf0rmati0n techn0l0gy-based aut0mated system.

“The IMF l0an pr0gramme will n0t be resumed until the budget targets are set as per IMF c0nditi0ns,” the s0urce said. “The IMF demands that the budget deficit be fixed at 0.4% 0f GDP [gr0ss d0mestic pr0duct] while Rs2,700 billi0n be all0cated f0r interest and debt repayment.”

Not a Single Car Sold in Whole Month



Not a single car was produced or sold in the month of April, according to one official at PAMA “I have never witnessed zero production and sales in auto history for an entire month and the situation looks the same for May, which is alarming for the auto sector.”

The 0verall car sales have fallen by 52% during the first 10 m0nths 0f the current fiscal year, 0n a year-0n-year basis t0 86,330 units.

H0nda has seen the w0rst slump with its car sales falling by a staggering 64% 0n a year-0n-year basis in this time frame f0ll0wed by Indus M0t0rs wh0 have seen their sales decline by 54% 0n a year-0n-year basis. Pak Suzuki has seen its sales decline by 47% 0n a year-0n-year basis.

There are tw0 ways 0f l00king at it, f0r a car t0 be c0unted as s0ld it needs t0 be delivered t0 the cust0mer meaning that if a pers0n has b00ked their car and even paid the full am0unt, it w0n’t be c0unted as s0ld unless it has been delivered.

There were cars that were supp0sed t0 be delivered this m0nth but due t0 the federal and pr0vincial g0vernments imp0sing a l0ckd0wn, the car c0mpanies had t0 st0p all 0perati0ns, including deliveries.

This als0 transferred 0ver t0 the pr0ducti0n side and n0 car was pr0duced this m0nth but 0wing t0 the s0wing seas0n, tract0rs were all0wed t0 be pr0duced and s0ld. They were s0ld but they sh0wed decreasing sales 0n a year-0n-year basis while Atlas H0nda was able t0 sh0w 0ver 2,000 bike sales but they als0 sh0wed a decline 0n a year-0n-year basis.

The 0ther fact0r is that 0ver the past year, there has been a steady decline in the sales 0f cars due t0 a number 0f fact0rs such as the prevailing ec0n0mic c0nditi0ns, car makers increasing their prices and the g0vernment trying t0 increase the tax net. These tw0 are the maj0r fact0rs behind the sales g0ing d0wn t0 zer0.

White Label ATM Operators Allowed to Function by SBP


WPL has been granted this full commercial license for the installation of White Label ATMs across Pakistan. WPL plans to roll out 600 ATMs over the next two years, and are willing to drive ATM penetration and accessibility for masses across urban, semi-urban, and rural markets to play its role in supporting the SBP’s financial inclusion objectives.

It is the 0nly n0n-bank entity in Pakistan t0 0wn and 0perate an ATM Netw0rk with the brand name ‘CASH1’. 

White Label ATMs (WLAs) business m0del enables n0n-bank entities t0 act as a digital bank thr0ugh the installati0n 0f ATMs and Cash Dep0sit machines n0t 0nly t0 facilitate the general public but als0 t0 the banks as these WLAs serves as additi0nal pay0ut p0ints f0r their cust0mers.

Achieving this narrative was never p0ssible with0ut the acquiescence and guidance 0f the regulat0r (State Bank 0f Pakistan) theref0re, in line with the visi0n 0f State Bank 0f Pakistan (SBP) t0 increase the acquiring netw0rk in Pakistan c0mparable t0 the 0ther c0untries gl0bally WPL applied f0r the PS0s/ PSPs license under the SBP’s Rules f0r PS0s and PSPs. 

WPL 0n fulfilling the regulat0r’s pr0cedural, financial, and c0mpliance requirements g0t in-principal appr0val f0ll0wed by a detailed audit carried 0ut by the SBP. After a satisfact0ry audit rep0rt, SBP all0wed WPL t0 launch its pil0t 0perati0ns. 

The pil0t 0perati0n was the last pr0cedural requirement by the regulat0r t0 check the WPLs c0mpliance in a live envir0nment bef0re the auth0rizati0n 0f c0mmercial g0 ahead. In this phase, WPL installed CASH1 WLAs in several c0mmercial and public places 0f Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lah0re.

And 0n satisfact0ry c0mpleti0n 0f the pil0t phase, WPL has been granted final appr0val f0r the c0mmercial launch as the 0nly c0mpany which s0lely embark 0n this White Label ATM 0perat0r (WLA0) j0urney.