21% Decline in Car Sales Witnessed in Pakistan



In the first ten years of the current fiscal year, 177,400 cars were sold in Pakistan. In the month of April 2019, only 17000 cars were sold according to reports from Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA). In the year on year, sales are compared, sales declined by 20.7 percent in comparison to April 2018. Also, month on month sales shows 14.1 percent reduction compared to March 2019.

Cars with the engine capacity of 1300CC and above have recorded the highest number of sales and altogether 8019 units were sold.

Among different brands of cars, Toyota corolla witnessed highest sales i.e. 5256 cars were sold in April compared to 4741 units sold in March. On number second comes Honda with 2310 units sold that include both Civic and City. With only 453 units sold in April compared to 386 units in March Suzuki Swift comes in last.

Vehicles with an engine displacement of 1000 CC have witnessed 4832 units being sold compared to 4335 units sold in 800cc-1000cc engine displacement.


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