Atlas Honda and Toyota Re-Started Operations in Pakistan



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the local auto industry had stopped their operations to comply with the lockdown orders of the federal and provincial governments. But now Atlas Honda and Toyota Re-Started Operations in Pakistan.

N0w after tw0 m0nths, Indus M0t0r and H0nda Atlas have ann0unced that they will be resuming their plant 0perati0ns by t0m0rr0w.

B0th the c0mpanies have written a letter t0 the Pakistan St0ck Exchange and said that they are inf0rming the resumpti0n 0f 0perati0ns t0 the PSX under the Secti0n 96 and 131 0f the Securities Act 2015 and Clause 5.6.1 (a) 0f PSX Regulati0ns.

The letter by Indus M0t0r says, “With reference t0 0ur earlier discl0sure 0f material inf0rmati0n dated 27th March 2020, relating t0 the temp0rary suspensi0n 0f plant 0perati0ns 0f the c0mpany due t0 0utbreak 0f the C0VID-19 in the c0untry. The management 0f the c0mpany acc0rding t0 relaxati0n/ appr0val given by the Sindh G0vernment has decided t0 resume plant 0perati0ns and its 0ffices with adequate measures aimed at preventing the pandemic’s spread”

The letter by H0nda Atlas says that they will be starting 0perati0ns fr0m t0m0rr0w after taking the necessary precauti0ns t0 help prevent the spread 0f the disease. It says that they are restarting pr0ducti0n after the relaxati0n given t0 the m0t0rcycle industry.


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