Auto policy should prioritize “people” official demands


Auto Policy

The masses should be prioritized by the government in the upcoming auto policy and exploitation of general public should be disapproved, said Shahid Rasheed Butt, Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders Patron.

“The automobile industry has been selling low quality cars to masses on inflated rates,” he said, adding that the local manufacturers had been receiving incentives in spite of their unsatisfactory output concerning the quality, safety, expansion, technology up-gradation and prices of vehicles.

He said a lot of compromises have been made and the quality of locally manufactured cars had gone down to such an extent that some models of second-hand imported cars were pricier in the market compared to the new models of the same cars manufactured locally.

He insisted the government to not to ban the import of used cars as it will end competition and hurt millions of people directly or indirectly associated with the business.


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