Bike prices in Pakistan to be raised as Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) goes up


 bike prices in pakistan

The price on its four models CG-125, Prider, CG-125 Dream and CG-125 Deluxe were all increased by Rs 500 during the first week of the month by Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) while no reason was given by the dealer for the same.

The CD-70 & CD-70 Dream prices, however, have remained unchanged at Rs 63,500 and Rs 67,500 for more than a year while market sources have said that the CG-125 has been facing a lot of shortage due to the company not being able to meet its market demand. Due to this, some market dealers have been taking a premium of up to Rs 10,000 including the registration papers despite the 105,000 rate by the company.

According to a dealer, the production of Honda bikes in June 2014 to 2015 had increased from 652,593 to 810,539 units while the same fell in May 2016 till now from 73,000 to  just 62,200 units.


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