BMW Electric Cars to be Produced on a Mass Scale by 2020


BMW Electric CarsGermany’s BMW is all set to produce BMW electric cars by 2020. It aims to have 12 different models by 2025. BMW considers the US electric car pioneer Tesla to be its competition.

Electric vehicles are high cost, with limited operating range and car buyers shunned it because of that reason, however, Tesla unveiled its Model S in 2012 – it broke the record of 200 mile (322km) range barrier in a single try.

BMW launched its i3 electric car in 2013 and has now been preparing its factories to mass produce BMW electric cars by 2020 if demand for battery driven vehicles picks pace, by 2025 BMW will be offering 25 electrified vehicles – 12 of which will be fully-electric, with a range of up to 700 km.


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