Bookings of all non-tax filers to be cancelled by car companies


non-tax filers

In the recent budget 2018-19, the government has made a policy change i.e. the non-tax filers will not be able to book or import new cars. This change in Finance Act 2018 will come into effect on 1st July 2018.

Pak Suzuki, Toyota Indus and major other car companies of Pakistan have been sent notice by the government to adopt the new change in policy and stop taking new bookings from the non-tax filers. The act dictates that no application for the booking, registration or purchase of a new locally manufactured vehicle or first registration of an imported vehicle should be accepted or processed by any authority of Excise and Taxation department or a manufacturer of the vehicle.

It has been specified that the order will execute by July but the companies have already intimidated their respective dealers to stop taking bookings from non-filers as well as suspend those order which might take longer than July to deliver as the change in policy may cause cancellation.

Customers of Indus Motor Corporations (IMC) are also informed by the company to change their status to tax filers.

Automobile companies have asked the government to abolish this policy as this will decrease the sales significantly. They will also take up this matter in court as this change in policy will encourage illegal practices.


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