Car sales in Pakistan have gone down this year


car sales in pakistan

Car sales in Pakistan have gone down 5% YoY through 71,877 units from July to November 2016.

There was an increase in car sales in Pakistan just in November while these are numbers given by the PAMA. On Tuesday, the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association reported the measures for the same. Toyota car sales fell by 7.5% YoY. This was due to the new Honda Civic launch that gave Toyota 21,628 units. Thus, Honda Civic and City combined to give 48% increase (14,155 more units). Moreover, Suzuki Swift remained almost steady from 1,728 units to 1,789 units this year.

The categories

For the 1,000 CC cars, Suzuki Cultus fell 7.5% (5,805 units) while WagonR increased 84% (6,183 units). For cars 800 CC and below, Mehran fell 5% (14,394 units) and Bolan increased 51% (7,923 units).

For the month of November, car sales were 16,018 units (1.9% YoY rise, 11% MoM rise). Car sales including light vehicles and jeeps plunged 13%. When it comes to volume, it also showed 12% increase excluding taxi schemes sale. About 5000 cars are imported each month which stands to make 270,000 units for the industry over the year.

When it comes to the July to November period, Bolan and Ravi caused low 43,553 units sales for Pak Suzuki Motor Company. Indus Motor Company came down by 8% YoY due to power breakdowns leading to lesser volume production. However, the plant is stable now. Honda Atlas Cars sold 14,155 units with 49% increase while they swelled 103% in November. It was due to the 12 to 15,000 pre bookings of the new Civic.


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