China is greatly interested, as the Chinese auto unit in Pakistan pops up


chinese auto unit in Pakistan

According to Provincial Minister for Labour and Human Resource Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, fool proof security has been ensured for all investment and trade areas in Punjab for foreign investors at the six-member delegation of Chinese investors as well as industrialists who were led by JAC Motors’ director, Chen Zhi Qiang as bilateral interest matters were discussed here with due understanding in different areas of trade, energy, agriculture, automobile, livestock and infrastructure development. The meeting also had the Premier Group of Companies CEO Shaukat Mubarak and Premier Engineering Pakistan Country Head Ahmad Danial present there.

The unit is going to be set up in Punjab as the minister welcomed it through placement in industrial areas where tax was exempt particularly for the Chinese investment due to the growing ties of the CPEC which shall be providing youth development for Punjab through their executed plan for the skills training of two million youngsters.

Additionally, he also praised the Chinese government efforts for the eradication of Pakistan’s energy crisis to cooperate in different huge infrastructure development projects.


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