Electric Cars to Hit Road in Pakistan Soon

Electric cars

Electric cars

Malik Amin Aslam Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change stated that 30% of vehicles in the country will be electric cars by the year 2030.

Also under the direction of Premier Electrical Vehicle Policy will be devised. This initiative will curb oil import, as well as environmental protection, will be promoted eradicating challenges of smog in winters.

Also, in a period of five years, Pakistan is looking forward to export electrical vehicles and in a meanwhile, vehicles examination system will be introduced to assess the condition of vehicles.

10 billion tree tsunami has also put Pakistan in limelight and internationally earned a great acknowledgment as well said, Malik Amin. Imran Khan has given a go-ahead for electric cars and green economy activities.

There has been a trend that around 60 percent of the world countries started shifting automobiles to modern electric cars which release around 70 % fewer emissions. However, countries like China and India among others have set targets for 2030. Therefore, the prime minister has been apprised to devise a mechanism for setting up targets and policy-making to adopt electric cars. There are four major benefits of electric cars: the import of oil will be reduced and the country will be able to save US$2 billion in terms of oil expenses, eco-friendly technology to reduce vehicular emissions to a reasonable level, opportunity to become electric car exporter like China which is a leader in this market, it can help generate green economy.

Lithium Ion batteries are another potential component in green energy solutions which is getting cheaper day by day and has become a useful technology applied in electric cars.


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