First Carbon Fiber Car of Pakistan with mileage of 100km/l is ready for Competition


Carbon Fiber Car of Pakistan

Have you ever wondered about watching a car that can give you 100km mileage in just one liter? NO, obviously! As it sounds ridiculous but this wonder has been designed, put to test and successfully recorded for 100km/l by the astute student team of National University of Science and Technology (NUST). And also, this feat has granted them access to Shell Eco-Marathon Singapore 2018. This car has been named ‘Carbon Fiber Car’.

This Carbon Fiber Car of Pakistan was designed with the aim to promote eco-friendly vehicles and also to encourage production of low emission engines with the optimum use of fuel.

The Eco-marathon in Singapore is the 9th Edition and will be held from March 7 to 12, 2018. From 18 different countries, 120 students will be participating in this event.

Last year the competition was won by team PNEC NUST, and again this year 7 teams will be representing Pakistan with the good record of performance in previous years.

The marathon demand from its participants to create a car that can travel the longest in the very limited amount of fuel. Next, it would require the fuel efficiency along with speed. The winning team of this marathon will participate in Shell Eco-marathon London.


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