Flying car by Kitty Hawks open for test after simple training


Kitty Hawks

Flying car startup funded by Google, Kitty Hawks has unveiled its updated version of the vehicle on Wednesday.

The flying car is open for the test to prospective customers and it is said by Kitty Hawks that it will take people in the air in less than an hour due to Flyer’s simple controlling mechanism that involves only two joysticks.

With the learning from test flights, the CEO said that it is his foremost priority to secure public acceptance.

First flyer vehicle was revealed last year and now it has arrived with new updates. Also, it will accept pre-orders from interested customers.

CNN reporter Rachel Crane was allowed to pilot the flyer and this can be seen in a video released by Kitty Hawk.

The flyer was flown over the water for safety purpose and it takes an hours training to master the skills of flying this car. At the moment it reaches 6mph at the height of 10 feet above the water. It is envisioned that it will be able to fly at the speed of 100mph over the cities one day. And its functions are as easy as playing the Minicraft game, said the CEO.

Powered by lithium-polymer batteries which can be used for 20 minutes in single charge and it contains 10 motors and two joysticks.


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