The new launch is here as Suzuki Celerio replaces Cultus


celerio replaces cultus

Suzuki has now announced its new standard model of Celerio officially in Pakistan. The news comes as Celerio replaces Cultus from now on. The formal announcement is still pending but is expected by the PSMC (Pak Suzuki Motor Company) on Wednesday. Suzuki has no doubt dominated through models like Mehran and Cultus. They have given it 50% market share in the auto industry.

On the launch of Celerio the company official hopes that the government will provide them some incentives in the new auto policy. He also announced that the latest standard Celerio model shall be launched in March 2017. Suzuki Cultus was brought in to kill the Suzuki Khyber. With the popularity of Khyber now Cultus shall be eliminated from the market. It has been 16 years of it sales till now when it will be discontinued. Thus, the Suzuki Celerio is the alternative for all people who want to have related experience of the Cultus.

The government has been offered $430 million to set up the new Greenfield plant. However, the government has denied and looked towards other foreign investors. Thus Suzuki comes in with the Celerio launch to remain in competition. The government’s new auto policy gives low taxes and cheaper import cost so that they start assembly in Pakistan. As a result, Kia is already here while Volkswagen and Fiat are negotiating.

The car

The new Suzuki Celerio is a 1,000 cc car that has already been launched on India and Thailand. The previous launches have been very successful. It is a 5-speed manual car like the Suzuki Swift for exterior. It gives an average of 10 to 14 liters mileage per liter and is available in six colors. These include Cerulean Blue, Glistening Grey, Pearl Arctic White, Sunshine Ray, Silky Silver, and Blazing red. It is estimated to be priced at around Rs 12,50,000.

The car drive and the looks in India and Thailand have proved to be the best for all Suzuki cars till now. The price in Pakistan is also somewhat similar to the Cultus model. The public review grade standing for the car is on 5 A level. It has a 5 seating capacity with 235 luggage capacity and 35 liter fuel tank capacity. The 3-cynlinder aluminum engine has 4 valves in each of its cylinders. It also has an overall length of 3600mm.

The uniqueness

The variant of the Celerio model is the automatic manual transmission that has an even more comfortable drive. Besides this, the easy to smooth seating facilities are also quite noteworthy.  Thus, this is the first time that Suzuki is offering better interiors in their new Celerio 2017 model. It is definitely more spacious that the Suzuki Alto. It is also known to be the best in heavy city traffic and on highways. The car crash test has been impressive while it has a safer safety kit than tested too.

While the unique headlights, backlights, tail, and bumper give a dashing look the Celerio is surely packed with a lot to offer.


Moreover, it is also the only Suzuki AMT (automatic manual transmission) model that belongs to the car A+ segment. It makes use of the new Wire technology in it. This time around Suzuki has taken the forward approach towards better safety, latest design, and spacious as well as stylish interior.

Further information shall soon be available once it is launched in Pakistan officially. Hence, stay tuned until the official launch to get the latest updates for color, exact pricing, specifications, etc. The ‘Celerio replaces Cultus’ is surely a great change for the industry to behold and enjoy for all Pakistanis.


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