The New Suzuki Vitara launched in Pakistan is surely the best ever experienced!


suzuki vitara launched in pakistan

With the press release by the company, the news is official as the Suzuki Vitara launched in Pakistan this Wednesday.

New Suzuki Vitara is the lightest SUV range vehicle from the 4th generation as he demand for SUVs is increasing. Suzuki Vitara GLX is available for Rs 3,799,000 while the Vitara GL+ is available for Rs 3,490,000. The Suzuki Vitara has already won many awards in Europe for its amazing performance. The launch included some of the highest elite class personalities from the capital besides Pak Suzuki GM (Hirofumi Nagao). It also included GM Marketing Azam Mirza in the ceremony.

The rapport

The Vitara also has high ranking from global inspectors while renowned celebrity Fawad Khan is the brand ambassador. He is declared the first owner of the Suzuki Vitara in Pakistan at the Islamabad launch ceremony. UK-based ‘What Car?’ has given the car of the year best small SUV award to the Vitara. The Best Ultralight Tow car has also been won by the same car the same year too. Besides this, the Sunday Times, UK also declared it the best compact crossover too. Furthermore, the New Zealand Automobile Association and Motoring Writers Guild also awarded it the Finalist New Zealand Car of the Year. It’s also the best city SUV by Drive Australia.

suzuki vitara launched in pakistan 2

The Vitara has a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine of 118bhp at 6,000 revs. It only weighs 1185 kilos and lightest till date. The power to weight ratio stands 104 bhp/ton. Other big brands offer this number at lass than hundred so the Vitara is surely ahead of many. It has multi-functioning steering besides cruise and audio control. The automatic transmission also has manual mode enabled. The air conditioning is also automatically controlled according to outside temperatures.

It was also announced that Suzuki will be releasing two variants of the car, the GL+ and GLX. Here are their prices:

GL+  – Rs. 3.490 million

GLX  – Rs. 3.799 million

The amazing features

Vitara has a panoramic sunroof with keyless entry and automatic headlamps and wipers. It has 5/5 rating from the Euro NCAP and Australian ANCAP. Smartly designed crumple zones for accidental situations besides great passenger cabin safety is also among the many features. It has 7 SRS airbags and ELR with pre-tensioner seat-belts.

Moreover, the Vitara infotainment system has 10.1 inch touch-screen with Android OS besides mirror link and Bluetooth connectivity. The ‘all-grip’ 4 driving modes combined feature also gives maximum driving control. Vitara also switches between 2WD and 4WD automatically besides lock features if the vehicle is stuck anywhere. This also has an ESP with anti-breaking systems of electronic performances. Furthermore, the hill control and descent features are also as amazing as said besides the LED-projector headlamp for low-light conditions.

suzuki vitra launched in pakistan 3

The parking sensors, and many other features defined above are those that are additional options normally. However, they are now offered by Suzuki Vitara already in the model. With such ease, comfort, and luxury the SUV is surely the best choice of all.


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