The new Toyota Land Cruiser is the world’s fastest SUV


worlds fastest suv

Toyota has announced what it claims to be the world’s fastest SUV ever. It has a speed of 2,000 hp to claim the title. Built in a comfortably luxurious cabin with a $85K full-size cabin it is highly modern.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser is the 4-wheel contradiction with world record performance of 2 turbos. It is the world’s fastest SUV with output of 5.7 liter V8 of 2,000 hp. The top speed is 220 mph or 354 km/hr. The engineers this year have been very different to have a low and ultra powerful modesty instead of high proud chasis. The whole body has been heavily modified to be removed and pit at a level below.

worlds fastest suv 2

The exterior

It has a low height ride, narrow tracks, and ATI transmission for handling all the power from the previous one. It also has a custom hood to give enough room for the big turbos in it. The exterior seems normal and subtle but that’s what makes it special. This is Chuck Wade’s statement who is the technical center manager at Toyota. According to them it is sportier, more urban even though doesn’t look like a 2,000 hp machine.

According to the press release the world’s fastest SUV is to rite a new history chapter. The price isn’t known yet though but an official or unofficial record is expected to be on its way. However, it could be a pure marketing tactic too.


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