Pakistan Auto sales have grown up by 25 pc


pakistan auto sales

According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), locally assembled car sales increased up by 26 pc over the previous 10 months as it came from 120,942 to 152,229 pieces whereas for 1300 Cc category, Toyota Corolla topped high to 48,203 units from 41,650 during the same period last year.

Moreover 800 cc category an above had Suzuki Mehran from 24,903 units to 31,569 units this year and Suzuki Bolan came up to 26,776 units from 17,180 last year through Punjab’s Apna Rozgar Scheme. Suzuki Cuktus was also the fourth most sought vehicle where it went from 11,397 to 13,274 pieces.  Honda Civic and City and Suzuki Swift came up to 21,283 units and 3325 units from 18,781 and 2,931 units respectively during the same period last year. Wagon R sales also increased from just 4,027 to 7,782 comparatively.

Another one from Punjab’s Rozgar Scheme, Suzuki Ravi reached 26,902 pieces from last year’s 17,146 pieces while Toyota Fortuner Jeep sales came down from 381 to 173 with Toyota Hilux coming up from 3704 to 4296 units.

All this was made possible due to 42 year low interest rates, taxi schemes, improved law and order situation as well as other economic conditions according to Top Line Securities’ Mohammad Tahir Saeed.

When it comes to individual companies (PSMC) Pak Suzuki had 109, 628 units sold which was 41 pc better than last year but came up mostly due to the Punjab Rozgar Scheme as after its completion volume dropped by 18 pc immediately the next month.

On the other hand trucks and buses also came up by 42 pc to 5,076 units due to more demand in CPEC and greater improved law and order situation.


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