Pakistan car production experiences an increase over just 7 months


Pakistan car production

Pakistan saw an increase in the car as well as productions increased by 43.02 pc just during the first seven months of the year in comparison to that during the same period last year.

From July to January 2015-1026, 110,035 jeeps and cars were produced. The production during the last year for the same had been just 77,176 hence the 43 percent increase was seen in data provided by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

There was also a positive growth in the production of light vehicles (LCV’s) which grew by 137.40 pc when going from just 10.841 pieces to this year’s 25,736 pieces.

Motorcycle production also increased up 18.12 pc since they were 1,182,653 in comparison to 1,001,191 pieces last year.

Buses growth also seems to have increased over the seven months as they went up 68.34 percent reaching 569 pieces from 338 pieces last year. While trucks increased by 34.94 pc going up to 2,831 pieces from 2,098 pieces comparatively.

On the contrary, the tractor production saw a massive 46.94 pc decline as the output went from 27,295 pieces to 14,482 being made this year.

Seeking through a YoY study, cars and jeep production witnessed a 24.02 pc increase reaching 17,406 pieces in January 2016 in comparison to 14,035 produced in the same month the previous year.

LCV’s increased YoY by 107.16 pc going from 2,082 pieces to 4,313 pieces the next year. Motor cycles saw a 23.40 pc increase going up from 145,752 pieces to 179,853 pieces the next year.

Buses and trucks saw an increase of 89.19 and 51.69 percent as 70 buses and 505 trucks were reached from 37 buses and 333 trucks respectively for the previous year.

Tractors saw a decrease YoY by 55.01 pc since 3,152 pieces were produced last year in comparison to just 1,418 pieces being produced this year.

Hence it can be well seen that Pakistan’s Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) has grown by 4.12 percent just during the first seven months in comparison to the seven months last year.

According to the data given by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the Quantum Index Numbers (QIM) for LSM industries have reached 128.51 points from 123.42 points recorded last year.


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