Pakistan Suzuki has Halted Wagon R Bookings


Wagon R Bookings

Pakistan Suzuki has halted Wagon R Bookings, a recent addition which has fetched great revenue in recent times. Pakistan Suzuki is the leading company in terms of profit and has the highest amount of sales realized compared to others in the car industry.  Wagon R was unveiled in Pakistan not long ago and it became the choice of consumers due to its economical fuel consumption and design. The arrival of Wagon R has helped Pakistan Suzuki attain staggering 141% increase in its sales.

But the news has recently erupted that, Suzuki has stopped all its dealers from booking Wagon R for certain time. Although, the orders already were taken will be delivered but no new booking will be entertained.

People are very curious upon why, Suzuki has stopped the booking despite, the high sale volume Suzuki maintained with its vigorous sales. People have speculated over the number of reasons why Suzuki might have taken this step like, Pakistan Suzuki has halted Wagon R Bookings because it might not be able to meet the increasing demand for this car. It has to meet the demand but demand nevertheless, has skyrocketed and cannot be met.

Suzuki has also launched the updated version of Suzuki Cultus, and significant budgets have been utilized for its promotion. So it can be one reason Suzuki wants its customers to shit to new Suzuki Cultus ultimately, increasing the preference of that product line. The reason could be anything surly but, it was taken in line with prospects of the company and it can be considered as the strategic priority of the company.


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