Proton’s Electric Cars to Hit Roads in Pakistan


Electric Cars

Al-Haj Automotive Private Limited, a local car manufacturer of Pakistan has inked a deal with Proton Holdings a Malaysian Automaker. With this agreement, Proton’s Electric Cars can be assembled and distributed in Pakistan.

An investment of about $300 million will flow into Pakistan with this deal that took place in Kuala Lumpur. The entry of electric cars in Pakistan will be the first time ever and this will promote competition in the auto market as well as eco-friendliness.

To reduce the reliance on Japanese vehicles like Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda; Pakistan has introduced numerous policies to promote the industry by attracting new entrants. Availing the opportunity Proton has decided to enter Pakistan.

The land has been acquired in Sindh, at port Qasim by Al-haj to set up its assembly plant. These vehicles will be introduced in different specs i.e. hatchbacks, multipurpose cars, crossovers, sports utility vehicles, and sedans. Also, the vehicles will be available at most affordable rates.

Geely Holding Group that holds a large stake in Proton along with later have major shares in their countries and with their partnership, they have expanded their operations to compete for the rising dominance of Japanese automakers in South Asia.

Protons popular car Iriz is also expected to be launched in Pakistan once operations begin in Pakistan.


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