Rs.39 Billion Revenue Earned by Pakistan Railway in 9 Months

Pakistan Railway

Pakistan Railway

In the current fiscal year within the first nine months, Pakistan Railway has earned whopping Rs.39 billion of revenue according to government officials.

Income for the three-quarters of FY2019 stood at Rs.3.706 billion more than figures for the same period in the previous fiscal year declared official from Ministry of Railway.

In the previous fiscal year, the earnings were Rs.35.304 billion. Since the passengers have gained confidence from the services being provided the earnings were made possible.

Due to the sincere and committed efforts of PR employees and incumbent government, the department has suffered no loss ever since then, said official.

With same rolling stock and manpower we are running 24 new trains he added, describing the efforts that lead to better financial position.

With the introduction of a new train tracking system, the department has also saved up to 1.5 million liters of fuel.

Currently, Pakistan Railway owns 460 diesel-electric locomotives, 325 out of these are functional while 135 are not.

69 among 135 are very defective and need a costly repair. These are chines locomotives and with the help of Chinese and Turkish railway, they are being repaired. The other 55 need regular maintenance and would soon be part of the regular fleet once repaired.

Seven have damaged in accidents and 4 are over-aged being used for more than 30 to 50 years. He added that the life of the diesel-electric locomotive train is 20 years.


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