The Car of Future: Nissan’s IMx Electric Concept Car


IMx electric concept carNissan’s IMx electric concept car is an exciting new entry in the electric cars industry. It is an attractive model and Nissan IMx electric concept car goes well beyond the Nissan Leaf in terms of aggressive styling and design.

The look of the car has been inspired by Japanese sword and from “washi” or you can say Japanese paper that is prepared for subtly and robustness with a thorough multi-step creation process.

The IMx electric concept car also emphases on self-driving technologies with focus on user’s learning preferences. The Nissan IMs is a luxury car, which is designed for an ultimate driving experience. The features it incorporates are for easy driving.

IMx electric concept car

The car is exquisite in design which has a full glass roof and smooth thin headlights, and an interior with wood sleek that leads to the sense of open interior space made likely by the extra room made available through use of the electric drivetrain.

The Nissan IMx also has a variety of smart features on board, including the capability to engage Nissan’s self-driving ProPILOT system, which takes over driving duties.

Furthermore, this exciting new car’s display provides live information around the driver and passengers in the cockpit, just below the windshield and passenger windows.

Moreover, the team is also planning to incorporate in-vehicle smart assistant. It was also informed that the smart assistant may stay with driver throughout the day even if the driver is not driving the car.

IMx electric concept car

The interface of the car uses cameras positioned throughout the vehicle and artificial intelligence to understand user instructions and anticipate their needs, with the nintend of minimizing manual controls and other possible disruptions.

Nissan says that while this is just a concept, it is still anticipated to reflect the actual direction of their determinations around ‘Intelligent Mobility.”


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