The consumer reports best cars of 2016 are here


Every car sold in the US is scrutinized well by consumer reports team of automotive experts to give way to the list for the best cars for the current year every time. In order to become the top pick it should be excellent at all crash tests, reliability options, effectiveness and all other aspects as well including customer satisfaction as the main factor.

This year’s top cars are given below. They have a total of 10 cars out of which seven are Japan assembled, one is from Korea while the others are all American brands.

  • Toyota Camry ($24,089 to $32,603)


It is the most popular and trusted car as it has great reliability and great crash car results.

  • Honda Fit ($19,025)

best cars of 2016

It might have a lot of noise but it is the best because of its great fuel economy and bigger interior space.

  • Subaru Impreza ($21,345 to $22,345)

best cars of 2016

It is here once again because of its extremely comfortable ride, handling, inner space, greater controls, safe technology, great crash car results, wheel system as well as the cargo hauling ability.

  • Lexus RX ($51,630 to $57,565)

best cars of 2016

It is great over the mid size SUV area due to its comfortable cabin, great smooth ride and better delivery options in addition to great finish and fit as well.

  • Mazda MX-5 Miata ($29,905)

best cars of 2016

It has become the best seller because it has a great price with an awesome manual stick and zooming engine for a great get away weekend ideal for racing and thrill.

  • Subaru Forester ($27,145)

best cars of 2016

Its great all-wheel-drive system, comfortable ride, awesome interior, better riding dynamics have made it to be in the list once again this year.

  • Kia Sorrento ($37,915)

best cars of 2016

The midsize SUV market is captured by Kia due to its great space and features available in such a smaller variant along with a great affordable price.

  • Toyota Sienna ($35,810 to $38,201)

best cars of 2016

This vehicle leads the minivan segment through its great energetic ride, power train and spacious interior room in addition to great modernly equipped features with active performance as well.

  • Ford F-150 ($45,750 to $46,755)

best cars of 2016

The Ford-150 is on the list because of its superb and impressive spacious and quiet cabin in addition to its latest Ford Sync3 infotainment system. It also has the best predicted reliability from any domestic truck ever.

  • Chevrolet Impala ($39,110)

best cars of 2016

The Chevy is again on the list due to great dynamics, great comfort, better handling and improved luxury as well.


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