Toyota Suzuki partnership to focus on environment friendly vehicles


Toyota Suzuki partnership

Toyota Suzuki partnership is definitely the next big thing. This isn’t any rumor but the Toyota Suzuki partnership talks are being held currently. They said on Wednesday that talks for unprecedented changes in the international world are a possibility now. If so, then this is a big change in Japan’s vehicle sector. It will surely bring about a wave of huge change.

The details are not yet announced but Toyota is definitely the world’s biggest automaker. On the other hand, Suzuki is a small car specialist while both of them will focus on safety environmental technologies. This was confirmed by a joint statement. They said that the environment surrounding this industry is changing very rapidly in unprecedented fashion. They should not focus on technology through traditional R & D but keep the environment on their priority. It said, the Research and Development (R&D) for advanced as well as future technologies should include the environment in them.

The reasons behind the Toyota Suzuki partnership

According to Toyota, North American and European competitors are being trailed now. Suzuki has also said that it is also struggling to have its own path due to the fierce competition. They will have a press briefing in Tokyo at 9:30 GMT. While Japan has 8 big names in the industry, Suzuki sells 2.8 million vehicles annually. Toyota makes more than 10 million sales while Nissan has announced plans to but Mitsubishi Motors. This would surely change the game as the alliance was a forced one due to the fuel scandal.

The mini car unit named Diahatsu was also announced by Toyota earlier this January. This is a wholly owned company that has given Toyota definitive control for battling Suzuki’s mini car market. It has also made in stronger in Southeast Asia.

Suzuki also formed an alliance with Volkswagen in 2009 when it ended its General Motors alliance in August 2015. They had disagreements over management control just weeks before emission scandals for Volkswagen came up.


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