Vehicle Production of Dewan Farooque Motors to Start Next Month


Vehicle Production of Dewan Farooque Motors

With some ups and down in production as well as market share for Dewan Farooque motors limited(DFML), it still managed to keep the things streamlined and resumed the car production in 2014 and witnessed the appreciation in share price during 2015-16.

The production was put to halt and operations were down due to 2008 financial crisis that hit many industries, affecting their processes and market shares.

Vehicle Production of Dewan Farooque Motors Limited has been resumed and will start its operations by Feb 2018. The company has acquired permission from engineering development board for its brownfield plant.

The company will carry on with its production of Shehroze, a one-ton truck and later production of cars and SUV’s will also be streamlined with the plant capacity.

Also, it was witnessed that news of Vehicle Production of Dewan Farooque Motors steered the investor’s sentiments to positive route from Rs.36.79 to Rs.38.62 with an appreciation of Rs.1.83.

The company will produce the vehicles in toll manufacturing collaboration with Laos-based Kolao Group. This is a joint venture between Dewan Yousaf companies and Kolao Group.

The share price of DFML has also seen some outstanding movement in just a few months with 52.2% appreciation souring to Rs.38.62 from, previously at Rs.25.37, on December 2017. Similar, case occurred in 2016 when it realized the appreciation of 100%  leading to an inquiry from security and exchange commission of Pakistan.


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