World’s top automaker: Toyota continues to glow!


world's top automaker

The world’s top automaker Toyota continues to maintain the title with global sales of 10.15 million vehicles in 2015. The report was announced this Wednesday in Tokyo where Toyota outnumbered the famous Volkswagen and US rival General Motors.

Volkswagen struggles with the pollution-cheating scandal it fell prone to, still managing sales of about 9.93 million vehicles all around the world as Cadillac makers and Chevrolet came up to about 9.8 million.

Volkswagen could have sweeped it off this year if you have a look at the first half of the year sales where it was way ahead Toyota.

However then it was hit by its first ever drop in more than a decade when it fell prey to the pollution cheating affair.

It was then that Volkswagen faced the biggest crisis when it was further revealed that it had actually fitted about 11 million of its vehicle which such devices that could dodge pollution tests.

It was when Toyota came ahead of General Motor’s 1o year victory as the world’s top automaker till 2008. However Toyota did lose the world’s top automaker title in 2011 when Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disasters affected a whole lot of production and discontinued the swift supply.

Though the next year, it again earned back its title in 2012 against all rivals and has been the top ever since.


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